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We believe in individualized medicine

Every individual is unique, every treatment and prevention should be unique


The state of equilibrium (homeostasis) of each organism is different

Through individualized medicine we will help you achieve homeostasis

We will identify your organism's needs and intolerances

We will maximize your health and well-being

Become an iPROPRIUM • User

Begin your journey of self-discovery, learn about your body, personalize your health, and maximize your well-being. Connect with your doctors, track your treatments and access your results at the click of a button.


Become an iPROPRIUM • Doctor

Connect with patients, access their results, and track their treatment at the click of a button. Access assistive tools in personalized medicine. Learn about disruptive diagnostic tests and recent scientific research.


Become an iPROPRIUM • Distributor

Use our online set up to sell our products and services with a predefined margin. Add to your revenue while helping patients and doctors. Access your dashboard and track your sales.



Our worldwide network assures that your health will be taken care of by the most up to date diagnostic, medical, and pharmaceutical technology united by PROPRIUM.