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How do you metabolize different cannabinoids?

Your body’s ability to metabolize and eliminate THC and CBD, Recommendation on your initial dose, maximum dose, and administration strategy

Your susceptibility to adverse effects associated with cannabinoid use

Adverse effects associated wish general well-being, psychological and behavioral well-being (anxiety and psychosis), executive functioning (focus and memory)

Your predisposition to develop addictive behaviors

Risk of developing pharmacological tolerance to Cannabis, risk of developing problems related to chronic use

Main cannabinoids and their effects - THC

Negative Effects: Dry mounth, Paranoia and hallucinations, Cognitive problems, Body temperature reduction, Dizziness, Tachycardia, Vertigo.
Positive Effects: Analgesic, Antiemetic, Anti-inflammatory, Bronchodilator, Appetite stimulant, Sleep inducer, Muscle relaxant.

Main cannabinoids and their effects - CBD

Negative Effects: Appetite reduction, Indigestion, Fatigue, Breathing problems, Immune response reduction, Drownsiness.
Positive Effects: Anxiolytic, Anticonvulsant, Antidepressant, Antiemetic, Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antipsychotic.

Endocannabinoid System

Human beings utilized cannabis medicinally thousands of years ago. With the liberation of research, many therapeutic effects of different cannabinoids have been proven. The success of medical cannabis is due to the existence of the Endocannabinoid System, which regulates our organisms equilibrium.

Cannabinoid Receptors Around Your Body

All organisms have a cannabinoid production system called the Endocannabinoid System – even if one has never come in contact with Cannabis. This system is responsible in controlling homeostasis (our body’s equilibrium). It maintains our physiology within ideal functioning patterns.

Anti-inflammatory – Regulates body temperature – Regulates sleep and wake cycles – Relieves pain – Protects against neurodegeneration – Regulates hunger and satiety.

If your Endocannabinoid System is deficient, the above functions might be compromised. To re-establish your organism’s equilibrium, doctors can suggest cannabis medication. In this case, it is essential that you and your doctor become aware of how your body will react to these substances.

MyCannabisCode: The mandatory test for Cannabis based treatment.

  • “Single nucleotide polymorphisms” or SNPs.
  • 29 genes of interest associated with the effects of cannabinoids
  • Complete panel with 55 genetic variants


Main cannabinoids and their metabolic subproducts

Science - The science behind the MyCannabis Code

Individualized Cannabinoid Medicine

– “Single nucleotide polymorphisms” or SNPs.
– 29 genes of interest associated with the effects of cannabinoids
– Complete panel with 55 genetic variants.
– Processed via a proprietary algorithm created based on more than 100 scientific articles on cannabinoid pharmacogenetics.
– Created by a Multidisciplinary Team – doctors, geneticists, pharmacologists and computational biologists.

– Extremely important for those who have experience with Cannabis.
– ESSENTIAL for anywho who will be using therapeutic cannabinoids.

– DNA Extraction – Identification of SNPs with iPLEX® MassARRAY® DNA microchip – Analysis by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry – Standardization of testes with precision and reproducibility (>99%)
-Laboratory equipped with Quality Control Systems and certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485


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