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Did you know that every medication is ineffective for roughly 30% of the population?

Everybody reacts to the same drug differently: we have unique organisms with different metabolization abilities and varying levels of susceptibility to adverse effects


Clinical trials are based on a sample population that is not always representative of your body, doctor’s can prescribe a ‘standard’ dose which may not be ideal for you

Our scientists have discovered a series of genetic markers that influence the acceptance and efficacy of hundreds of different compounds found in medication

Results: MyMedCode

Discover how you metabolize hundreds of compounds in medication. Find our their predicted efficacy as well as your susceptibility to adverse effects.




Your capacity to metabolize different compounds


The level of efficacy different compounds will have on you

Adverse Effects

Your susceptibility to adverse effects associated with different compounds

With these results, hundreds of compounds are labeled to fit within one of the following categories:

  • Use as indicated
  • Use with caution
  • Consider alternative compounds


Confidence Level

Each of our results has a confidence level attributed to it, so that you and your doctor can make the right choice for you!



    • Performed once in your lifetime, static results
    • Non-invasive sample collection method (saliva swab)
    • Labels compounds that should be avoided, including why they should be avoided and the level of confidence associated with this result
    • Never worry about medication being ineffective again
    • Never worry about unknown adverse effects
    • Understand how your body processes each compound and how long side effects can last based on your metabolism
    • Comprehensive results that enable doctors of any specialty to prescribe the correct medication and the correct dosage for your needs


    • Once you take the MyMedCode test, you will have access to our online platform
    • The platform maintains all of your test’s information and categorizes which
      compounds should be used and which shouldn’t
    • It allows you to add medications to your current treatment and track their efficacy,
      enabling you to indicate whether or not you felt secondary effects that were not
      predicted by the test

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