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Nutrigenetics is a science that researches the association between genes and each individual’s response to nutrient intake

Your genetic makeup is essential for the development of a personalized diet and a healthy weight management plan


The impact of your genetic predisposition on body composition can be modified by food and behavior appropriate to your genetic profile

By adopting the most appropriate nutritional plan for your genetic predisposition you will be improving your body’s performance

Results: MyNutri Code

Generates personalized nutritional plans and healthy weight management plans



Your body

Discover your genetic predisposition to bodily structures
– Body Mass Index (BMI), central adiposity, insulin resistance, LDL cholesterol, non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis, weight management, appetite control.

Your diet

Discover an actionable nutritional plan ideal for your body
– Complex carbohydrates, fibre, fats, vitamins, caloric restriction, salt, caffeine, lactose, gluten.
– Find out the foods that are most suited to you.

Your behavior

Discover an actionable behavioral plan ideal for healthy weight management
– Satiety strategies, sleep, physical exercise.

MyNutriCode: the essential test for personalized nutritional plans

  • Analyses 94 genetic variants in 67 genes associated with nutrition and weight management
  • 99% accurate
  • Generates personalized nutritional plans and healthy weight management plans


Become an iPROPRIUM Nutritionist

Obtain access to diagnostic tools that assist in personalized medicine. Learn about disruptive diagnoses and recent scientific research. Contact your patients and access their results. Help your patients to personalize their nutrition plans.



    • Non invasive sample collection (saliva swab)
    • Avoids unnecessary nutritional restrictions by supporting adoption of nutritional plans and improving weight loss metabolism
    • Enables nutritional action plans for proactive behavior decisions that leverage each individual’s nutritional metabolism features for long-lasting results
    • Provides a recommended food list, approved by nutritionists, available online via webapp
    • Simplifies genetic information to be used by healthcare professionals who are not genetic experts

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